Dedicated Holiday Letting Websites With Live Availability Calendars & Online Booking System

We build dedicated turnkey holiday home websites

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Order today & pay nothing until your website is ready

holiday home website for small holiday businesses
Our main product - a complete integrated holiday property website booking solution for small holiday letting businesses. Everything you need to run your holiday rental empire is included in one place:- A search engine friendly website with real-time live availability calendars that update automatically, a complete online booking system with optional online payments and an automated email system for deposits, balances & security deposits.
holiday home websites for agents and larger holiday businesses
An extended version of the small holiday rental business website above to suit larger holiday letting companies or letting agents. Fully automated online booking systems comes in to their own when dealing with 10 to 50 holiday properties - more bookings & less administration.
The property navigation and search is optimised to suit your particular holiday letting business - each property has  it's own pricing, discount & holiday options. 
holiday home website forindependentowners
We have a website for owners of a single holiday home - you maybe bought your holiday home as an investment, it’s your pension or for your own use and need to cover the annual costs. You need all the same features as the professional websites above, maybe more so if you are out at work and can't answer the usual booking email enquiries - don't miss another booking by letting our online booking system work for you 24/7 365 days a year.

All websites feature

  • Complete integrated websites
  • Live availability calendars
  • Online booking system
  • Secure online payments
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Includes hosting
  • Includes system updates
  • Domain email address - less spam
  • No commission
  • No hidden fees
  • Customisable booking discounts
  • Customisable holiday options
  • Create, customise emails
  • Any changeover day
  • Any number of nights
  • Weekend rates
  • Mid week discounts
  • Take telephone bookings
  • Online billing for extras
  • Quickly add late availability
  • Process refunds & security deposits
  • No HTML to paste
  • SEO friendly website
  • Add more pages & information
  • Automatic invoicing for balances
  • Future proof with HTML5 & CSS3

You want a website that is easy to update your information

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Your new website comes built with around 30 pages already setup, you can change text and upload new pictures at anytime. Everything is WYSIWYG, point and click, inline editing - nowhere do you need to learn CSS styling or insert HTML code. Add more pages to explain the benefits of your holiday rental, things to do, what to see - add more value to your holiday business.
You will probably never want to, but you can change anything - everything is editable, from the favicon in the browser URL to the copyright at the bottom. Completely redesign your entire website if you wish, always look fresh and up to date.

You need real time availability calendars so guests can book immediately

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The live availability calendar is completely integrated, no third-party add-ons that need manually updating or hand coding into your website. Guests can see immediately the current availability and as they make bookings automatically update the calendar for you. No more days of playing email ping-pong with guests enquiring about dates or not even enquiring and booking with your competitors instead. The live availability calendar is accurate to around a billionth of a second - double bookings are not possible. Easily set your prices, your change over day, minimum nights stay, higher rates for weekends, week only bookings or short breaks. Add more value to your bookings with options including discounts, compulsory items, deposits, freebies, holiday options and information collection - all with time or value settings.

You want online payments for deposits and holiday balances

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Still waiting for a cheque in the post, banking it, then waiting to see if it clears before confirming a booking? Allow your guests to use credit cards and get your money immediately with online payments.
Paypal is the easiest for small businesses and easily accepts foreign currency for your overseas guests - WorldPay and SagePay are also installed. You can still take cheques and offer bank transfers if you want.
Our websites with built-in CMS comes with 16 email templates that are customised to suit your business that automatically  handle deposits, balances due, totals paid and optionally your security deposits.

You need all this (and more..) for less than the price of an espresso

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Cash flow is king in business - to get a completely finished working website there is only a small build charge then a monthly subscription :- no commission or "small fee per booking". For a single holiday property website this works out at less than 50p a day, for larger websites with more holiday lets even better value and return on your investment - it costs more to post a letter than use one of our holiday home websites.

Just one booking and your holiday home website and online booking system is paid for - possibly for the next 5-10 years!

1. More Website Visitors

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All holiday home websites need visitors, the more the better. Roughly about 1% will make a booking, might be 0.1%, could be as high as 5% - it depends on how close to what a website visitor was searching for and you can fullfil their needs. If you pay to advertise your holiday cottage on holiday listing websites, then the above booking rate is probably higher - it should be, you're paying handsomely for highly targeted traffic after all, but that source of traffic should already be at the maximum.

So any new source of visitors will have to come from organic search engine results and that means understanding "long tail keywords" or "long tail SEO".

2. Convert To Paying Guests

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The next problem is getting visitors who land on your holiday letting website to become paying guests. People search the Internet for information and once on your website  they will take about 8 seconds to decide whether you have that information.

Once a website visitor has decided they like your accommodation they want to know if it is actually available.

Your holiday cottage website needs live availability calendars and an online booking system so your visitors can become paying guests immediately.

3. Get The Right Website

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Steps 1 & 2 are pretty obvious for anybody with a holiday rental website, and probably since the first day you decided to have a website for your holiday home it would have a live availability calendar and an online booking system - until you found out how much it would cost and settled for an online brochure instead.

The Internet is a boon to small businesses - you can do things that were impossible 20 years ago, it's open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on a global scale and do so much more than just an online brochure and costs less than you think.